True Photo Prints of your Ancestors

- Diamond Quality not just Cubic Zirconium ! -

We use the term "True Photo Prints" here to describe our ability to print digital images on the same photo paper and through the same photo process as we use for photos we make from film. 

PE03257A1.gif (4096 bytes) Benefits of "True Photo Prints":

  • Gives continuous tone photographic output. ( NOT the grainy dot look that some ink jet printers offer )
  • Offers archival quality of true photographs.  (Dye sub and Ink jet prints comparatively fade quickly)
  • Simple TWO step process:

    1. Send us your photo files.

    Methods of Sending your image files: ( choose the way you are most comfortable with )

    2. Get a copy of our Order Form. (prices are in the order program)

    For orders we have a small (PC Windows based) ordering program which we send as an e-mail attachment. It allows you to send the order information back to us by e-mail. (You will need to remember the names of the photo files you sent to complete the order form.)

    Type your e-mail address here to
    have a our order program e-mailed to you.



    WEB Upload: (sends one file at a time, if you want to send more then please put them in a zip file.)

    To upload a file through the WWW, fill out the form below:
    (File size limit is set for 5 MB maximum.)

    Allows us to give you better quality photos at a more competitive price.

     Use Browse to select a file to upload:


    Another Option is: download a copy of the Print Order program. (appx 1.4MB size)

    The Print Order program has many features beyond just ordering photographs.
    Features include: image placement, image sizing, image cropping, and text caption overlay using any of your fonts available in windows. Print Order is a Windows based program and comes with an extensive manual in a PDF file.


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