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make a professional 35mm PowerPoint presentation at Galleria Ventures
35mm PowerPoint® Slides

convert powerpoint presentation to 35mm slides at Galleria Ventures You have developed a professional presentation in
 PowerPoint® now let's put it on 35mm Slides!

35mm PowerPoint slides made at Galleria Ventures

We produce brilliant 35mm slides from your Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation for as little as $ 2.25 / slide.
( We can also make slides for Corel Presentations, Lotus Freelance Graphics, Adobe  Photoshop, Corel Draw, artwork files, Digital Camera Images and more ! )

Preparing for 35mm Slides With PowerPoint® 97, 2000 and XP

To begin to convert a PowerPoint® presentation to 35mm slides, set the proper page size for your slides:

Most printers use 8.5" x 11" paper, but slides correspond to a size of 7.5" x 11.25". To make a 35mm PowerPoint® presentation, change your page size by changing your setup. Click the File Menu, click Page Setup, and make sure that the "Slides Sized for:" box says "35mm slides." Use the default size that it gives you. Or you could be totally exact and change the numbers to 7.33 x 11, which would be a Custom page size. Then click OK.

Detailed discussion and example image of sizing your PowerPoint® presentation for 35mm slides.

Preparing your 35mm slide presentations:

Do not run your text or artwork all the way out to the edge of the background.  Leave about a half inch of space from the edge of the background on your screen or the text/art will be cut off by the slide mount. Make your text as large as possible to increase readability. Use a dark background and light colored letters or your slides will be difficult to read.

Considerations regarding images in your presentation to be put on 35mm slides:  should be 24-bit RGB color with the resolution of 4096 x 2732 pixels or less.     Click for some additional discussion images (bitmaps) for slides.


To avoid unwanted font substitution use only the standard fonts that came with Windows and PowerPoint®.  The standard fonts are:

Times New Roman
Courier New
Bookman Old Style
Book Antiqua
Century Gothic
Century Schoolbook
Arial Narrow
Monotype Corsiva
Monotype Sorts

If you need to use other fonts, be sure to save the fonts with your file.  In PowerPoint® 97 you can save your fonts with your file by selecting Embed TrueType under Save As.  (Please note that fonts with similar names are not the same font.  For instance, Courier is not the same as Courier New.  Use Courier New, not Courier.)

Saving your files for 35mm PowerPoint® slides: embed pictures in powerpoint file

STEP 1. If you have inserted any pictures into your presentation...

Be absolutely certain NOT TO MERELY LINK them, but to actually EMBED them as indicated. Do NOT check the Link to File box.

Failure to observe this rule will result in big empty areas where you images should have been.


STEP 2. Open the SLIDE SETUP dialog. set your frame size for 35mm slide

Choose "35mm Slide" to ensure that your images fill the entire surface of the 35mm frame, which is more elongated than a standard letter-size sheet of paper.

Hit OK, and then review your images to verify that they are still acceptable as formatted in the longer frame.


STEP 3. embed fonts in your powerpoint file for 35mm slides

Save the finished PowerPoint® file in the standard presentation format, being certain that the embed TrueType checkbox is selected.

Save your slides as a normal PowerPoint® 97, 2000 or XP for Windows presentation file with a ".ppt" extension. Please do not print it to a file. 

Then go to our order page to see review options on how to send your file.


We have a simple ordering process: 

PayPal, credit cards, and checks are a payment options in our shopping cart.


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