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We have made it easy to create custom photo postcards for cost effective postcard marketing for your business.

"[N]ever send a letter when a postcard will do."

As stated in Inc. Magazine's June 2006 Issue, in an article titled: "Playing Post Office".

This same article noted that postcards cost 38 percent less to send than first-class mail.

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Things to think about when creating your marketing postcard

You just tell us what you want and we will design your cards accordingly. You review the designs and when they are the way you want them you place an order to have some printed. We can also offer services to mail your postcards out for you too. This way we help you use your time running your business while we use our time to help you grow your business! 

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  • We hope the examples in the slider give you some ideas on how you can stay in your customers' Top-of-Mind-Awareness without a huge amount of work and cost.  By mailing postcards to each prospect or customer every three to eight weeks they will think of you when they need something !
  • The process is simple -  just email us a description of what you want and we will go to work on a layout for your promotion postcard.  If you have some digital images you want us to use, send them using our online submission form and we will work them into your design.  When we have a design ready we will put both a front and back image on a Web proof page for you to review.  After you approve, then you can complete the order by ordering the quantity of cards you want to be printed. 


    Put Us to Work to Start Your Free Postcard Layout  


    Galleria Ventures offers FREE professional design services to create your custom post card or business card.  This service is not just some automatic online layout program trying to interpret your needs, but a personal design service taking your detailed instructions and performing a personalized custom layout.  All designs go through a review and approval process giving our customers the highest level in confidence in our product.    We have made our services simple to use by giving many online ways for our customers to send us their design requests.   We are sure you can find a method you are familiar with and we look forward to making your order process a good experience. 

    The Postal Service suggests that postcards are more than six times as likely to be read as compared with direct mail letters – 94% versus 14%. They don’t have to be opened and you can add colors and graphics to quickly get your reader’s attention. And they don’t face spam filters like your e-mails do.

    If you do not want a Postcard - we also make flat card designs.  Since our cards are completely custom you can choose to have your design be a flat card design where the backside area can be completely used for what ever you want.  (You do not have to leave room on the back of a flat card for addressing and a stamp like you need on a postcard.)  Flat cards are intended to be mailed in envelopes.   If you would prefer a folded card please let us know on the submission form.

    Use Photo Flat Cards for event promotions:

    Some cards we print are intended to be mailed in envelopes or used as handouts instead of mailing. We print these using the same postcard paper media and we supply the flat cards with envelopes.

    For example, here is a Photographer's Wedding promotion flat card to be used as a handout card

     postcard intended as a handout - not for mail - front  postcard intended as a handout - not for mail - back

We are ready to answer your questions or start working on effective advertising postcards for your business.

Put Us to Work to Start Your Free Postcard Layout  


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Things to think about when creating your marketing postcard

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