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We create an effective postcard design for Free for your business promotion!


We have made it easy to create custom photo postcards for cost effective postcard marketing for your business. 


You just tell us what you want and we will design your cards accordingly.  You review the designs and when they are the way you want them you place an order to have some printed.  We can also offer services to mail your postcards out for you too.  This way we help you use your time running your business while we use our time to help you grow your business! 

 "[N]ever send a letter when a postcard will do."
As stated in Inc. Magazine's June 2006 Issue, in an article titled: "Playing Post Office".

This same article noted that postcards cost 38 percent less to send than first-class mail.

Click to Let us Start Your Free Postcard Design - saves you on your time and money!  
   ( things to think about when creating your marketing postcard )

Link to:Receive information to create custom postcard by email

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( Privacy: We do not share your email outside of our company.†
The first email you receive is sent to confirm you made this request.)

Direct Mail Business Promotion using Postcard Marketing is:

  1. Within the budgets of even for the smallest of businesses.
  2. Versatile because in a single mailing, you can receive business from prospective customers and solicit repeat business from existing customers.
  3. Convenient and efficient for customers to read since there is no envelope to open.
  4. Handy for customers to bring back when you promote special deals and at the same time gives you a method of tracking results of sending out your cards.
  5. An advertising method in which your competitors are not aware of what you are doing.
  6. An advertising method in which you can do test offers to smaller groups easily.
  7. An effective method of producing "branding" for your business through regular postcard mailing.
  8. A way to save you more than 30% on postage vs direct mail items in envelopes.

 Use a photo when it assists in communicating your message.  Remember the old saying that "a photo can communicate a 1000 words" and use this idea in your card. 

Galleria Ventures offers FREE professional design services to create your custom post card or business card.  This service is not just some automatic online layout program trying to interpret your needs, but a personal design service taking your detailed instructions and performing a personalized custom layout.  All designs go through a review and approval process giving our customers the highest level in confidence in our product.    We have made our services simple to use by giving many online ways for our customers to send us their design requests.   We are sure you can find a method you are familiar with and we look forward to making your order process a good experience. 

The Postal Service suggests that postcards are more than six times as likely to be read as compared with direct mail letters Ė 94% versus 14%. They donít have to be opened and you can add colors and graphics to quickly get your readerís attention. And they donít face spam filters like your e-mails do.

If you do not want a Postcard - we also make flat card designs.  Since our cards are completely custom you can choose to have your design be a flat card design where the backside area can be completely used for what ever you want.  (You do not have to leave room on the back of a flat card for addressing and a stamp like you need on a postcard.)  Flat cards are intended to be mailed in envelopes.   If you would prefer a folded card please let us know.

Some of the photo postcard examples are for mail out campaigns:

Postcard for a Wedding Photographer

Special event photography with like weddings can use  a postcard to show off some of their photography work on the front of a photo postcard with some photo selections.  This card does that while also giving important contact information.   A potential customer receiving this postcard will be able to immediately see what the card is about.  If he is looking for a photographer this card will probably deliver a call.

photography promotion postcard backside of photography promotion postcard

Photo Postcard used by a Business for their Christmas Seasons greeting

This postcard offers a beautiful photo and expresses holiday spirit giving their customers a feeling of appreciation for their business.  It also maintains branding recognition with a logo.


Here is a special sale promotion sent out by a Doll Shoppe:

This postcard highlights some new dolls in inventory, gives contact and branding recognition while communicating about a new sale.  We would suggest that the Doll Shoppe put something on their postcard to give their customers a beneficial reason for bringing in their card so the shop could measure how well their direct mail campaign is working.

   direct mail marketing postcards for doll shop - front  direct mail marketing postcards for doll shop - back


Another card we printed for a body waxing studio:

 This card highlights their services and gives their customers some pricing.  It also helps develop some branding with their front logo.

   postcard front with logo for business branding postcard back give services and pricing information

  Browse through several cards   (new window)


Use Photo Postcards for event promotions:

Some postcards we print  are intended to be used as handouts instead of mailing:

Photographer's Wedding promotion handout card

 postcard intended as a handout - not for mail - front  postcard intended as a handout - not for mail - back



We hope these examples give you some ideas on how you can stay in your customers' Top-of-Mind-Awareness without a huge amount of work and cost.   By mailing postcards to each prospect or customer every three to eight weeks they will think of you when they need something !

bullet The process is simple -  just email  us ( or send by mail) a description of what you want and we will go to work on a layout for your promotion postcard.  If you have some digital images you want us to use, send them over the internet or by snail mail and we will work them into your design.  When we have a design ready we will put both a front and back image on a Web proof page for you to review.  After you approve, then you can complete the order by ordering some prints using our shopping cart.  

Click to Let us Start Your Free Postcard Layout  
   ( things to think about when creating your marketing postcard )

   Media discussion 

   Pricing Table


Photo Business Cards are also great for your business promotion

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