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We create an effective postcard design for Free for your business promotion!

Custom Thank You Postcards for your Business

It is important to say thank you to your customers so they know you appreciate their business.   Sending thank you postcards is a great way to show appreciation and to stay in touch.  One thing you should always include on your thank you postcard is a reason for your customers to return. 

Click to let us start designing your unique thank you card

Let us save your time and money!   Galleria Ventures offers FREE professional design services to create your custom post card or business card.  This service is not just some automatic online layout program trying to interpret your needs, but a personal design service taking your detailed instructions and performing a personalized custom layout.  All designs go through a review and approval process giving our customers the highest level in confidence in our product.    We have made our services simple to use by giving many online ways for our customers to send us their design requests.   We are sure you can find a method you are familiar with and we look forward to making your order process a good experience. 

We also have a service where we send your customer thank you postcards for you <<< go to link

Here are some examples:

thank you for your business postcard front side

thank you for your business postcard back side

thank you postcard front for attending opening reception

           Backside offers more details and includes a reason for your
customer to return ...

thank you postcard back for attending opening reception

Our template layout is B&W, but we can offer what ever colors you might
want.  Just tell us what you prefer when you give instructions.

This is just an example and you may need your card to say something very different.
Since all our cards are custom designs, we are ready to work with you to make
the postcard effective for your needs.

We layout the card from your instructions and you approve it for printing.

. Click to Start Creating Your Thank You Postcard Design! .

The process is simple -

  1. Pick out the photo file or photos you want and send the file to us by using
    the form on this link: Send-File Link  - opens in new window
    Note: If you did not include instructions on what you want your card to say with your image file,
    then please send instructions now...

  2. Tell us what text you want either on the front with the photo and/or on the back.  You can write this down on paper and mail it to us, or send your instructions by email: 

    We are open to work with you in a method you prefer.  

  3. After we receive your information we layout the front and back of your postcard.  Then we put digital proof images up on a web page for you to review for approval.   We print your order after we have your approval.   

Link to: Receive information to create custom postcard by email

( if you do not receive a confirmation email right away, please check your Spam folder) 

( Privacy: We do not share your email outside of our company. 
The first email you receive is sent to confirm you made this request.)


Photos can share much more than just words.  Use some special selected photos to share something special with those you care about.

Try it out, you may have a lot to gain and you risk very little since we will work your design until you approve of the digital proof which we put on a Web page for you to review and confirm.  

An extra advantage of postcards - US postage is less than regular mail(opens in new window)


    Postcard Flat card Folded Cards
Size Qty Price/card Price/card Price/card
4.25 x 5.5 1000 or more $0.19 $0.29 $0.69
  500 $0.29 $0.39 $0.79
  250 $0.52 $0.62 $1.02
  100 $0.73 $0.83 $1.23
  50 $0.95 $1.05 $1.45
  25 $1.45 $1.55 $1.95
4 x 6 1000 or more $0.23 $0.33 will be 5x7
  500 $0.36 $0.46 will be 5x7
  250 $0.62 $0.72 will be 5x7
  100 $0.83 $0.93 will be 5x7
  50 $1.05 $1.15 will be 5x7
  25 $1.55 $1.65 will be 5x7
5 x 7 1000 or more use 5.5x8.5 price use 5.5x8.5 price $0.73
  500 " " $0.86
  250 " " $1.12
  100 " " $1.33
  50 " " $1.55
  25 " " $2.05
5.5  x 8.5 supersize 1000 or more $0.33 $0.43 $1.13
  500 $0.43 $0.53 $1.23
  250 $0.75 $0.85 $1.50
  100 $1.05 $1.15 $1.85
  50 $1.22 $1.32 $2.02


  1. 25 cards is a minimum acceptable order for smaller cards, 50 is minimum acceptable order for 5x8 or larger cards.
  2. Our 4x6 postcards are printed a couple of days sooner than the other choices. 
  3. Folded cards are only available as 4.25x5.5, 5x7 and 5.5x8.5 size.
  4. Price breaks are related to order quantities that are equal to or exceed above price break quantities. 
  5. Order quantities can be for any quantity within the price break ranges. 
  6. All pricing listed above is for B&W printing only on the back side. 
     ( color is available on the back for an additional charge $ 0.20/card for quantities less than 250 )
  7. For quantities of 2000 or more, ask us for a quote.

Save by considering our Postcard Billboards to bring more visitors to your web site.  Then make your web site to sell! 

We do offer addressing and mailing services.  ( request a package quote for printing, addressing and mailing )
Here is the link for information on our addressing and mailing services.



Send instruction to start the design process for your business Thank You postcards


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Photo Business Cards are also great for your business promotion


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